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@Rickenbacker 330 Jetglo SOLD

@Fender/Japan 60's Mustang

@1962 Fender Telecaster Slab Board

@1957 Gibson LG-3/4

@1989 Marshall Silver Jubilee 2553 Short Head

@1960 Fender Precision Bass

@1961 Fender Precision Bass


@1962 Fender Precision Bass Slab Board

@1963 Fender Precision Bass

@1964 Fender Precision Bass

@Marshall 2553 Small Box 極秘入荷



@1960 Fender Telecaster



@1964 Gibson ES-335TD

@1970 Marshall 1987 Small Box

@1989 Marshall 4210

@New ToneLand Potomac SSTL-60 Blonde

@New ToneLand SSCTL-60 DB

@Vintage 1956 Gibson ES-225TD

@Vintage 1951 Gibson SJ-200

@Used 1994 Guild JF-55NT

@Blackstone MOS FET Over Drive SOLD

@Vintage 1965 Fender Stratocaster

@Vintage 1975~6 Ampeg V-4 SOLD

@Vintage 1950 Fender Broadcaster Full Original Sold

@New Mooradian LST Double Case Burgundy Red

@New Mooradian ACS Case Burgundy Red

@Vintage 1965 Fender Stratocaster

@New Toru Nittono Guitars Model-T Maple SOLD

@Vintage Teisco Model NB-4

@Used 2003 Gibson BZF 57 Les Paul Historic Collection

@New Two Rock Studio Signature 2019年モデル

@New King Tone Guitars The Duellist Limited Edition SOLD

@1958 Fender Champ

@Used Chapman Grand Stick メンテ中

@Gibson 1959 Les Paul Special Sold

@Used Callaham Vintage Style-T Maple/Ash(Wht Blonde)

@Marshall 1967 JTM-45 SOLD

@Gibson 1954 Les Paul Standard SOLD

<Coming soon and not very soon>

@James D'Aquisto "Jazz Line" 


1959 Gibson ES-175TD


@1954 Gibson Les Paul Standard

@1971 Marshall 1959

@Acoustic 360 Head owned by Mark Egan

@1980's Marshall JCM-800 Combo

@1965 Gibson SJ@Mooradian Gig Bag