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@New Gibson Custom Shop 58 Korina Explorer 

It will coming not very soon.



@Used 1990's Sakashta Guitars Custom Nylon Guitar

@Vintage 1957 Gibson Les Paul JR

Used Nittono Guitars Model-T Maple

@Used Nittono Guitars Model-T Maple with Ebony FB Sold

@Vintage 1963 Fender Stratocaster with Trem Sold

Vintage Ibanez TS-9 Sold

@Vintage Ibanez TS-9 Sold

@Vintage 1985 C.F.Martin D-45

​@Vintage Gallagher G-70

@Vinatge 1959 Gibson Les Paul Custom Sold

Players Condition.

​@Used Paul Reed Smith Dragon 2020

​@Vintage 1955 Fender Stratocaster Sold

@Used Two Rock Classic Reverb 100 SOld

@2022 NAMM Show New Model

C.F.Martin 000-16 Street Master

​@2022 New Model C.F.Martin SC-10E Sold

@New Fender Poodle Case SOld

@Used Hermida Audio Zen Drive All SOld

@Used BOSS CE-2 SOld

​@Used Rickenbacker 4003 Mapleglow

@New C.F.Martin 1931 00-17 Authntic SOld

@Used Paul Reed Smith McCarty 594 Single Cut

@Fender Custom Shop MBS 69 Pricision Bass Relic Used

@Fender Custom Shop MBS 63 Precision Bass Relic Used

@Fender Custom Shop MBS 60 Stratocaster Relic Used

@Vintage 1958 Gibson ES-335T

​@Vintage 1960 Fender Telecaster

@Vintage 1959 Gibson J-50ADJ SOLD

@Vintage 1959 Gibson ES-345TD SOLD

@New Paul Reed Smith Fiore Amaryllis SOld

@New Paul Reed Smith Fiore Black Iris Sold

​@New Paul Reed Smith Joe Walsh Signature Sold

@New 58 Explorer Replica with Korina Sold

@New 58 Flying V Replica with Korina SOld

​@Vintage 1966 Marshall JTM-45/100 SOLD

@Used Paul Reed Smith Private Stock Custom24

McCarty Thickness SOld

@New Neural DSP Quad Cortex SOld

@Near Mint Gibson Rudolf Schenker Flying V

@Used Fernandes LD-85KK Ken L'Arc-en-Ciel

@Used Martin 5K Sold

@Vintage 1958 Fender Deluxe Amp SOld

@Vintage 1963 DaVinci Amp Sold

@Vintage 1974 Martin D-45 SOld

@Neutral DSP Quad Cortex  SOLD

@Used Toru Nittono Guitars Model-T

Nylon Santana Blonde

@Used Paul Reed Smith V9 Custom Made Amplifier SOld

@Vintage 1978 Greco BM-900

@Used Yamaha Takanaka SG-1&2

@Used Yamaha SG-I Issei Noro Signature Model

@Dead Mint 2018 Fender Custom Shop

30th Blackie Stratocaster

@Near Mint Paul Reed Smith

KID Limited Santana Bonnie Pink

@Used Two Rock Studio Pro35

D-Style Mod by S&TGL

@New Gibson SG Special Worn Black Sold

@Vintage 1969~1970 Marshall PA-20 Moded SOLD

@Used Taylor 314ce-K Limited SOLD

@Used C.F.Martin Custom Shop CTM D-18GE

@New Blackstar JJN-20 Mk2 Signature Combo Amp SOld

@New Toru Nittono Guitars Model-T Nylon Custom Ziricote

@Vintage 1971 Marshall Populer

converted to PA-20 112 Combo

@Near Mint Fender Custom Shop Custom Thinline

@Used Fender Custom Shop Master Builder

61 Stratocaster SOld


@Vintage Dumble Odyssey with

matching Custom F-2B(Alembic) set only


@Vintage Sound City L/B-120 Custom

Mod by Amp Sommelier

@1980年代 Marshall JCM-800 4210 SOLD

@New T.C.Electronic Tuner's SOLD

@New Korg Many Clip Tuners SOLD

@Vinatge 1980's Maxon SD-9 SOLD

@New C.F.Martin Custom Shop O-18V Adirondack/Cocobolo

@Vintage 1988 Marshall 2553 Short Head Mod 

@New Mooradian Case Bass Double SOLD

@New Mooradian Case ACS SOLD


@Vintage 1957 Gibson LG-3/4 SOld

@Vintage 1970 Marshall 1987 Small Box SOLD

@New ToneLand Potomac SSTL-60 Blonde




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